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    “I tried several diets and even the gym didn’t work for me. So I decided to go for a Liposuction at my stomach and thighs. I feel so much better and energized now. Such a difference in life quality.”

    Carina K.

    “As the years passed by, my belly got bigger and bigger. Then I made a decision to change that. Thanks to Meditravel I have now my normal stomach back.”

    Dirk M.

    “Thank you for the operation. I am so much happier with my slimmer body and I feel more attractive now. The clinic was friendly and professional. I really can recommend it.”

    Nicole W.

    “Like many other men, I suffered from a thick stomach. As I still feel young and enjoy life, I wanted to have a stomach which fits to my life. With just a one and half hour operation I got it. Not only I, but also my wife loves my new shape.”

    Paul D.




    Liposuction can remove both fat deposits and associated adipose tissue. Whether its saddlebags, beer belly or thighs that are a bit too wide there are many apparent reasons for liposuction. These are often genetically determined and are difficult to combat through exercises or diet.

    People who are genetically predisposed to this fatty tissue can benefit from liposuction, because once the fat tissue is removed it can no longer be built up by the body and therefore no more fat deposits can accumulate. With our help permanent results might be achieved.

    This aesthetic intervention in the area of ​​the abdomen, thighs and buttocks is very popular. Smaller places such as double chin might be targeted as well. For figure-conscious people who would like to match an ideal beauty image, liposuction can be used to implement a targeted modeling of your own body silhouette as far as possible.

    Aesthetic problems such as changes in the skin surface (e.g. orange peel) can also be reduced.

    In exceptional cases, liposuction can be an operation that is necessary for medical reasons.


    • Permanent removal of fat tissue and thus fat deposits
    • Targeted modeling of your own body silhouette
    • Reduction of changes in the skin surface (e.g. orange peel)

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    Here you can find out more about our liposuction offers. These are complete packages, so that there are no further (hidden) costs.
    With pleasure we will provide you an individual offer with organized journey (Plane, train, taxi).

    To improve the overall appearance after the liposuction, combinations of different areas are advisable. Therefore we offer various combination packages.

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    Areas: Vaser Liposuction  – 1 area

    • Vaser liposuction
    • General/Local anaesthesia
    • 1 night in the clinic
    • 3 nights in a 4*hotel
    • English speaking support in the clinic
    • Medication (Anticoagulants)
    • Compression garments
    • 12 months of free consultation with the Meditravel team


    • Abdominoplasty
    • General anaesthesia
    • 2 nights in the clinic
    • 4 nights in a 4*hotel
    • English speaking support in the clinic
    • Medication (Anticoagulants)
    • Compression garments
    • 12 months of free consultation with the Meditravel team

    We only work with high quality clinics which have certificates as the following ones:




    The most modern method for liposuction is the tumescence method.

    Before the operation, the surgeon will mark the areas of skin to be treated with a marker. This is followed by local / general anaesthesia.

    Firstly, a relatively large amount of liquid is injected under the skin of the area to be treated. The liquid, which contains a mixture of saline, anaesthetic and adrenaline, anaesthetizes the tissue and ensures that the fat liquefies after a certain exposure time. This gently softens the tissue and makes it easier for the fat cells to be suctioned off.
    Then, openings for the suction cannulas are created through minimal incisions in the uppermost skin tissue. These are then carefully pushed under the skin to gain access to the fatty tissue. The injected liquid, including the fats and fatty tissue dissolved in it, is detached from the inside of the skin and sucked off by controlled forward and backwards or fan-like movements. Slight movements of the cannulas ensure even suction of the fat.

    Duration: 30 minutes to 4 hours
    Anaesthesia: local anaesthetic. In the case of a larger scope of operations, twilight sleep or general anaesthesia might be required.


    • You are socially acceptable after a few days.
    • In the first days after the operation moderate pain can occur. After one week it will get much lighter and after 2-3 weeks it will completely vanish. Talk with your doctor about pain killers.
    • You can go back to work after 1 week. If you have a physically demanding job, schedule some additional time off.
    • After around 6 weeks all swellings and bruisings will disappear.
    • Depending on the type of surgery, compression garments must be worn for up to 8 weeks.
    • After 6-12 months the healing process of the extracted area including skin regression will be completed and the final result will be visible.


    Liposuction is one of the operations of plastic-aesthetic surgery, where complications rarely occur. However, there is a residual risk, which depends on the individual’s physical constitution. A feeling of numbness can be felt at the affected suction points, which should disappear on its own after a few days. Bruising, swelling or discolouration of the skin are some of the possible side effects of the operation. If the suction is uneven, dents and bumps can form. If performed unprofessionally, the skin or the nerves underneath can be injured.


    1. Can there be permanent scars?

    The incisions are placed in the most inconspicuous areas so that they heal without visible scars. The minimal scars fade over time so that they are hardly recognizable.

    2. Is the result permanent?

    The patient can achieve a permanent result because once the fat tissue is removed, it cannot be built up by the body anymore therefore fat deposits will not accumulate.

    3. Does the health insurance cover the costs?

    Aesthetic interventions are usually not covered by the health insurance. If it is a medically necessary operation, the costs are covered by the health insurance company at the agreed rates. In such cases, a written confirmation from the health insurance company for a cost / partial cost transfer should be obtained before the operation.

    4. Is the surgery painful?

    Liposuction is usually painless. If severe pain occurs after the procedure, the doctor should be contacted immediately.

    5. Who is not suitable for liposuction?

    Minors and patients with serious illnesses who could increase the risk of the procedure are unsuitable for liposuction.

    6. When is the final result visible?

    1-2 days after liposuction, the swelling has subsided to such an extent that the new body shape is already clearly recognizable.

    The healing process of the aspirated area with skin regression is completed after approx. 6-12 months and the final result is visible.

    7. Which is Better: Diet or Liposuction?

    A diet is suitable for general weight loss. Since fat deposits cannot be broken down in a targeted manner, the desired body shape is very rarely achieved. Often, the removal takes place at unwanted places, while the problem at some areas persists.

    Liposuction, on the other hand, deliberately removes annoying fat deposits and thus creates the desired body shape.

    8. What happens to the superfluous skin after liposuction?

    With normal skin elasticity, the skin adapts to the new body shape after liposuction, without any visible excess of skin. This is favored by a gentle treatment technique and the support of compression laundry.


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