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  • Online Consultation
  • Reservation of an Appointment
  • Booking of flight tickets


  • Flight to Istanbul
  • VIP transfer from the airport to the clinic
  • Blood analysis
  • VIP transfer to the hotel

Day of surgery

  • VIP transfer to the clinic
  • Determination of the hairline
  • Hairtransplantation
  • Receipt of medications and after-care products
  • VIP transfer to the hotel


  • VIP transfer to the clinic
  • Post operative check-up
  • VIP transfer to the airport
  • Departure

Offers + Information about hair transplantations


Our Partnerclinic „Clinicana“ is located in the Acibadem Taksim hospital, directly in the heart of Istanbul near the famous Taksim Square. This is the most modern hospital in Turkey with state of the art technology equipment. Thanks to its avant-garde equipment and highly experienced doctors, Clinicana is one of the most chosen clinic for hair transplantations in Turkey. In course of time Clinicana has become the most renown clinic being specialized on hair transplantations. Check the reviews to read what the numerous customers say about Clinicana.

The following hair transplantations are available:

  • Scalp
  • Eyebrows
  • Beard


Well-being and comfort of our patients during their stay in Turkey is very important to us. We offer a stay in a well chosen 4-star hotel right in the center of Istanbul, next to Taksim square. In addition to modern and spacious rooms, the hotel offers a spa, wellness area and gym. For a good start into the day, breakfast is included. The hotel is located only 5 minutes from the clinic.


In each of our packages is a free transfer between the hotel, the clinic and the airport included. We are the only clinic, which offers its patients a lounge at the airport. These are located directly in the arrival zone of the Istanbul (IST) and Sabiha Gökcen (SAW) airports. After arrival and before departure you can get there complimentary beverages and free Wifi. Your driver will pick you up at the lounge, so that you don’t have to search for him.


Istanbul is characterized by reasonable prices and high-quality surgeries at the same time. A vast number of satisfied customers from the United Arab Emirates have profited from the advantages of an operation in Istanbul. A wide range of aesthetic and surgical operations are offered at much more affordable prices than in the UAE. Doing some sightseeing during the surgery trip is worth it, as Istanbul is world famous for it’s cultural and culinaric diversity.



Arrival day

Flight + arrival in Istanbul
When you arrive in Istanbul and pass the arrival gate, please walk past the waiting people with name boards. Opposite of the arrival gate you will find an Acibadem meeting point, where you will be welcomed. Please show your passport / ID to the employee. The station staff have the names of the incoming patients and their flight details, so that they can help you to identify your driver. Your driver will be already waiting for you. In case of any delays, please wait a short moment with our complimentary drinks and WiFi. The driver will take you initially for a blood test and thereafter bring you to the hotel.

  • At Istanbul Grand Airport (IST) you will find the Acibadem meeting point directly in front of the arrival gate.
  • At Sabiha Gökcen (SAW) airport you will find the Acibadem meeting point on the right side of the arrival gate.

The drivers use the following cars:

  • white VW Passat, number plate: 34 PH-0608
  • black VW Passat, number plate: 34 KD-0829
  • brown KIA, number plate: 34 HP-2263

The day before your hair transplantation, you will be informed via WhatsApp (alternatively by phone or from the reception) at what time your operation will take place.

Usually our patients are expected to be at the clinic around 8:30 a.m.

Blood test

It is very important for us to check the health of our patients thoroughly. It is necessary that our doctors receive the history of your past medical diseases and how they were treated.

After your arrival in Istanbul the driver will take you directly to the clinic for a blood test. There your blood will be tested for HIV (AIDS), Hepatitis B+C and Syphilis.

The blood test takes about 10 minutes. During this time, the driver will be waiting for you. Then you will be driven to the hotel. The rest of the day is at your leisure.

The blood test is included in the price. There won’t be any hidden fees or commissions.

  • In the unlikely event that additional tests are required, these will be conducted after 2-3 hours. The examination helps to determine whether the tested disease is no longer active. There is a quick test, which will provide results on the same day. If further tests will be required, the results will be available on the next day. On Saturdays and Sundays tests can not be conducted.
  • If it turns out after the blood test that the patient has HIV (AIDS), positive Hepatitis B, C or Syphilis, unfortunately the operation has to be canceled. The patient will be charged €150 for the medical testings and €85 for each night at the Naz City Hotel.
  • In the event of a Syphilis infection, the clinic must carry out additional blood tests. An additional fee of €200 will be charged for this.
  • If the patient has a history of Hepatitis B, further tests will be required. An additional fee of €80 will apply.
  • If a patient has a history of Hepatitis C, additional blood tests (HCVRNA) are necessary. A fee of 200€ will be charged

Operation day

Transport to the clinic
After breakfast proceed to the reception and ask for a ride to the Acibadem hospital. The journey is included in the price. After entering the Acibadem hospital, walk down the corridor until you reach the elevator. This will take you to the 5th floor. Then continue left to the glass waiting room of the Clinicana Hair Transplant Center. Your interpreter will pick you up there.


Initially you will be given details and instructions regarding the surgery and the time after the procedure. Then you will be asked to sign the consent for the medical intervention. All documents are available in English language. You will also receive medication with detailed instructions on how to take them and a special sleeping pillow.


  • Together with your doctor you will determine the area for the hair transplantation.
  • The next step is the preparation for the operation. You will receive your surgical gown and your head will be shaved (depending on the chosen method).
  • Initially you will receive a painless local anesthesia.
  • Then begins the procedure with the removal of the transplanted follicles from the donor area (lower back side of the head and the sides of the head above the ears). The follicles are pulled randomly so that the natural appearance of the hair will be preserved in this area.
  • The isolated follicles and their sebaceous glands are treated and prepared in a suitable environment to ensure viability before implantation in the recipient area.
  • After local anaesthesia of the scalp, the channels in the recipient area are opened with a 0,7mm percutaneous or sapphire electronic needle.
  • The prepared grafts are now implanted individually in each receiving channel. During this phase you will be asked to lie on your back.
  • You will receive a complimentary lunch in the clinic.
  • After the operation you will be driven back to the hotel.

Departure day

On the morning after the surgery you will have a check-up. The time for your appointment will be announced on the same day as the surgery. Ask at the reception for a ride to the clinic. Once you get there proceed to the same waiting room on the 5th floor. Here you will meet your interpreter again. During the follow-up examination, the bandage will be removed, your head washed and a headband put on.

You will receive a hat to protect your head from the sun. Furthermore you will receive a „Clinicana Foam Spray + Shampoo“, for washing and caring of your scalp. You will be explained how to use them.

For the case that you should only travel with hand luggage, we advise you to fill the foam spray and shampoo into 5 empty plastic bottles of 100ml each.

Return trip
The driver will take you to the airport at least 2-3 hours before departure. The journey to the airport takes around 40 minutes. Your pickup time will be announced to you one day before your return flight.

General Information

  • On the day of the surgery you should wear comfortable clothing. We recommend a buttoned shirt or a zip sweater, so that you can change your cloth after the surgery without harming your newly transplanted hair.
  • In the clinic you will receive a foam (150 ml) and a shampoo (250 ml) for the aftercare. Patients who only travel with hand luggage are advised to take 5 empty 100 ml plastic bottles with them. The shampoo and foam shall be poured into them, so that the bottles can be taken into the aircraft cabin.
  • After the flight the foam spray should be filled back into the original packaging.
  • In the clinic you have the following payment options: cash in Euros, cash in Turkish Lira or by credit card. Payments in 500 Euro notes won’t be accepted.
  • Telephone calls in Istanbul are expensive. Therefore we recommend communicating via apps as WhatsApp. We offer free WiFi access both in the hotel and in the clinic.
  • If you are interested in visiting Istanbul, we recommend the free app “”. It allows you to download the Istanbul map, which also works offline.
  • If you have chosen our Premium + flight package, we will do your check-in around 36 to 24 hours before departure. You will receive your boarding pass by email. Please print this out and take it with you to your flight. If you wish, you can also check-in by yourself. For your return flight you will again receive your boarding pass by email. This will be printed out at the reception and forwarded to you.
  • In case you book your return flight by yourself, please make sure that it is not scheduled before 12 p.m., as you will have a post-surgery check-up in the morning.


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