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    Brazilian Butt Lift

    Brazil was one of the forerunners in the trend setting when it comes to breast implants. Recently another typically Brazilian ideal of beauty has spread worldwide – a large, round and well-shaped butt. Moreover thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and other “booty icons”, buttock augmentation has now established itself as a common cosmetic procedure in the United Arab Emirates. 

    Many patients are not satisfied with the shape of their buttocks. Sometimes even years of training and a change of a diet may not be sufficient to achieve the desired firm, round and well-formed butt. Therefore if you want to have fuller, curvier and more feminie figure, Brazilian Butt Lift will be ideal for you. 

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    Brazilian Butt Lift

    • Brazilian Butt Lift (incl. 2 areas vaser liposuction)
    • General anaesthesia
    • 1 night in the clinic
    • 5 nights in a 4*hotel incl. breakfast, spa, +1 companion
    • Extras, like compression garments
    • Medication
    • English speaking support in the clinic
    • 12 months of free consultation with the Meditravel team

    Premium Butt Implants

    • Butt augmentation with implants
    • General anaesthesia
    • 1 night in the clinic
    • 7 nights in a 4*hotel incl. breakfast, spa, +1 companion
    • Extras, like compression garments
    • Medication
    • English speaking support in the clinic
    • 12 months of free consultation with the Meditravel team

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    What is a Brazilian Buttlift?

    Everyone dreams of a voluminous, round booty. If the bottom is too flat, too small, slack, or if the buttocks are uneven, there is a possibility of surgical help.
    Brazilian Butt Lift also known as BBL or butt augmentation is an aesthetic procedure which aims to enhance your gluteal area, augment the shape and size of your buttocks in order to create more attractive and proportionate figure through liposuction. Excess of fat is extracted from chosen parts of the body (abdomen, hips, thighs etc.) to be injected into the buttocks at a later stage. If there is no or insufficient body fat for a transfer, there is a possibility of achieving the desired result with buttock implants.


    The operation is usually performed under general anesthesia, but in some cases, where only a small volume of fat is transferred, it could be done with the use of local anesthesia. It takes about 3-4 hours to complete. The procedure is undertaken in two stages. In the first phase (liposuction) your surgeon will make minimal incisions to extract fat particles via tubes or surgical vacuum. The fat cells that have been removed from your body are purified through centrifugation. Only the best and purest fat cells will be used. The surgeon will reinject them into the specific areas of the buttocks to obtain more roundness. The procedure of fat transfer as well as liposuction, requires a few incisions, thus they need to be closed up with stitches. Afterwards a compresion garment will be applied to treated areas to minimize the risk of bleeding.

    For very slim women who wish to enlarge their buttocks, but do not have enough of autologous fat to achieve the desired volume, special silicone implants can also be used; however it is important to understand the risks of having implants (capsular contracture, infection). The butt implants are placed then inside or over the gluteal muscle on both sides. Just like with a breast augmentation, a small incision is made for this. The scar disappears completely over time.

    Brazilian Butt Lift helps you with getting more harmonious contours. It emphasizes a beautiful waist and harmonizes the outer thighs. This makes the legs look longer and the bottom more compact.


    After the procedure patients stay in Istanbul for 6 more days.

    Like any other surgery you will need to take special care after BBL. Pain is typically minimal. Bruising and swelling may appear for several weeks. Wearing a compression garment 24h a day for about 6 weeks is necessary, unless the doctor advises otherwise. This reduces the swelling and prevents building up of fluids inside your body. Sitting down should be avoided for at least 2 to 3 weeks post op. It might cause unnecessary pressure on areas, where the fat has been injected and lead to further deformations. If sitting cannot be omitted, patients can only sit on extremely soft pillow. You will also need to sleep on your stomach or side (with extra care not to roll on your back) for at least 2 months. You should be able to resume light daily activities within 1 week and return to work within 10 – 14 days. Strenuous exercises must be avoided for several weeks. 


    The effects of BBL via fat transfer are semi-permanent and last several months to years. 

    It can take up to six months to see the final results from the operation. In some rare cases more than one surgery is necessary to achieve the desired shape. The main disadvantage of autologous fat transplantation is that it can lead to a partial postoperative breakdown (20%-30%) of the injected fat tissue. It all depends on a diet, activity and weight fluctuations. You can help guarantee a positive outcome by making sure your weight doesn’t fluctuate.

    In contrast to this, when using silicone implants, a lasting result is much easier to achieve, since there will not be any reduction in volume due to tissue degradation. For some patients it might be a disadvantage though, since a foreign body is placed in their organism.


    As with any surgery Brazilian Butt Lift carries the risk of complications and side effects. These include:

    • Bruising
    • Prolonged swelling
    • Infection
    • Lumpiness
    • Blood clots
    • Deep Vein Thrombosis
    • Complications associated with liposuction and general anesthesia

    When the procedure is performed incorrectly by an inexperienced surgeon, injected fat can enter the large veins in the buttocks and then travel to the lungs.


    1. What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

    It is a minimally invasive adipose tissue transplant procedure. Using the modern ultrasonic method, fat is collected from places where it is in excess (e.g. on the thighs, abdomen) and then used to model the buttocks. Thanks to this, you can not only get the buttocks straight from Rio de Janeiro, but also slim the figure in other places: emphasize the waist or eliminate the so-called donut.

    2. What are the contraindications to the procedure?

    The BBL cannot be performed if there is not enough fat to be collected. Besides, the general good health of the patient is required.

    3. How safe is BBL and what are the risk factors?

    The BBL procedure is very safe. The complication rate is relatively low and the main risks are pulmonary or fatty embolism (blood clot in less than 1% of patients).

    4. Is there any scarring from BBL surgery?

    Yes, but very minimal. In areas where liposuction is performed, small incisions must be made to insert the cannula, therefore scars might appear. Fortunately they are very small (no more than 1 cm) and your surgeon usually performs them in areas within natural folds of your body. Also depending on your skin tone, incisions will fade over time, so they will become almost unnoticeable.

    5. What is the difference between BBL with fat and BBL with implants?

    In the Brazilian Butt Lift, the buttocks are enlarged with the patient’s own fat. This treatment is therefore safe and minimally invasive, and gives more natural effects. If the patient does not have enough fatty tissue, the buttocks may be enlarged with implants. In this situation, a foreign body is implanted into the body, which increases the invasiveness of the surgery and extends the recovery period.

    6. How long do the effects of a Brazilian butt lift last?

    The results of the treatment last for several years, because adipose tissue is naturally absorbed after some time. The effects may wear off faster if you smoke or lose weight.

    7. Can I sit after BBL surgery?

    One of the most important parts of your recovery process is maximizing the amount of fat that stays in the transplanted area. Therefore you must prevent any damage to the buttocks. One should avoid sitting for about two weeks following  BBL and sleep exclusively on a stomach. The pressure may inhibit fat cell survival. You will also wear a compression garment for approximately 6 weeks. There are specific inflatable pillows to assist you with sitting in order to ease discomfort and help you achieve a smooth recovery.

    8. How long does it take to recover from a BBL?

    The recovery may vary from patient to patient and it will depend on how fast your body heals and how diligent you are with following post-operation instructions, given by a doctor. Remember to rest as much as possible and not to perform strenuous activities too soon. Most patients can return to work and normal activity within 10-14 days after the surgery.


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