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    “For a long time I thought of a face lift. Fortunately I did it now and I am so happy with the result. Also my husband loves my younger appearance.”

    Karen M.

    “In the last years I wasn’t happy anymore with the wrinkles on my forehead and temples. Thanks to my face lift I look now fresher. Meditravel gave me an excellent consultation and organized everything perfectly. Thank you.”

    Thomas G.

    “Since my face lifting I look younger and fresher. Even younger men start flirting with me. The service in the clinic was great. I really can recommend it.

    Stefanie F.

    “For someone like me, who cares much about appearance and beauty, it wasn’t easy to see the signs of getting older. With the facelifting my appearance corresponds now to my expectations. I am very happy with the result.”

    Aleksandra S.




    A facelift (rhytidectomy) is the most effective and long-lasting method to correct the signs of aging and to make the face look young and fresh again. An optical rejuvenation of 10-20 years is quite possible.

    As we get older, the skin loses elasticity, which can be attributed to an increased breakdown of collagen and elastic fibers. The skin becomes deprived of ability to keep the fat padding in its original position. The fat content and water retention capacity of the skin are also reduced. Other factors that may speed up the aging process lie in a personal lifestyle and diet as well as the exposure to the environmental factors.

    While aging the facial features lower and the formation of wrinkles is increased and the face looks tired and has a non-vital expression.

    With the various methods of face lifting, both individual zones of the face and the entire area of ​​the face can be smoothed.

    The satisfaction rate of the patients is extremely high, because they can easily fulfill their wish of a young and vital appearance.

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    Here you can find out more about our face lifting offers. These are complete packages, so that there are no further (hidden) costs.
    With pleasure we will provide you an individual offer with an organized journey (Plane, train, taxi).

    We offer surgeries from the highest qualities in the best clinics, which will give you long lasting happiness and satisfaction. Still you will safe many thousand dirhams compared to an operation in the UAE. And apropos of nothing you can explore the beautiful city of Prague.

    Face lift

    • Facelift
    • General anaesthesia
    • 1 night in the clinic
    • 6 nights in a 4*hotel
    • Medication (Anticoagulants)
    • Mask garment
    • English speaking support in the clinic
    • 12 months of free consultation with the Meditravel team

    Face + neck lift

    • Facelift
    • General anaesthesia
    • 2 nights in the clinic
    • 7 nights in a 4*hotel
    • Medication (Anticoagulants)
    • Mask garment
    • English speaking support in the clinic
    • 12 months of free consultation with the Meditravel team

    Neck lift

    • Facelift
    • General anaesthesia
    • 2 nights in the clinic
    • 4 nights in a 4*hotel
    • Medication (Anticoagulants)
    • Mask garment
    • English speaking support in the clinic
    • 12 months of free consultation with the Meditravel team

    Forehead lift

    • Facelift
    • General anaesthesia
    • 1 night in the clinic
    • 5 nights in a 4*hotel
    • Medication (Anticoagulants)
    • Mask garment
    • English speaking support in the clinic
    • 12 months of free consultation with the Meditravel team

    Eye brow lift

    • Eye brow lift
    • General anaesthesia
    • 1 night in the clinic
    • 3 nights in a 4*hotel
    • Medication (Anticoagulants)
    • Mask garment
    • English speaking support in the clinic
    • 12 months of free consultation with the Meditravel team

    We only work with high quality clinics which have certificates as the following ones:



    SMAS: (Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System)

    With the so-called SMAS lifting the skin is lifted in a double-layer procedure. Even deeper skin folds are successfully smoothed and a lasting effect is achieved.
    Depending on the type of face lift a cut along the hair / face line is chosen. Then the skin coat is detached from the underlying structure and unevenness is removed. The skin is then lifted and pulled tight to the sides, which smoothes the skin. The excess of the skin is removed at the edges and then sewn tension-free. The tension-free seam minimizes the risk of scarring.

    Anaesthesia:Facelifts in our clinic are usually performed under analgosedation (combination of local anesthesia and intravenous sedation).
    Stay: The patient stays in the clinic for one night.


    Possible combinations:

    • To improve the rejuvenating effect of the face lift more, it can be combined with an eyelid lift and liposuction on the chin / upper neck area.
    • In order to replenish the volume on the face that has been lost, a combination with autologous fat treatment (microfat grafting) or underfolding of wrinkles can be useful.
    • Sometimes a peeling is also beneficial to make the skin structure, especially around the mouth and eyes, appear more healthy and smooth.


    Forehead lift:
    With the upper face lift, wrinkles on the forehead area, eyebrows and / or temples are tightened. The forehead lines and temples are smoothed and drooping eyebrows are corrected. Additional eyelid surgery can further enhance the effect of a youthful look. 

    Procedure: With the upper facelift, the cut runs from ear to ear along the hairline.
    Duration: 60-90 minutes


    Midface lift:
    A face lift in the middle of the face rejuvenates the region between the eyes and the corners of the mouth. This area ages faster than the other areas of the face, since the connective tissue loses volume more quickly and thereby slackens. It’s resulting in bags under the eyes, a flattening of the cheekbone region, hanging cheeks around the corners of the mouth and a clearer expression of the nasolabial folds. With midface lifting, dark circles and the nasolabial folds are corrected and the flattened zygomatic region is padded.

    Procedure: With midface lifting, the cut runs along the lower eyelid. Depending on the extent of the signs of aging, an additional incision in the oral mucosa or in the temple area is necessary.
    Duration: about 3 hours


    Mini lift:
    Mini-lifting is a less complex and gentler method of a face lift. When the tissue in the cheek area begins to slacken, it can be stopped, since the cheek and jaw area is specifically tightened. Pronounced signs of aging can also be corrected with a mini-lift, but they lead to a less intensive and durable result than a classic face lift. The result depends on the individual skin elasticity.

    Particularly in the early stages of tissue relaxation, an excellent results can be achieved at lower costs.

    In contrast to the classic face lift, the mini-lift only cuts the skin in the ear region. The skin is then released from the deeper structures and tightened vertically towards the ears. As with classic face lifting, the excess skin is removed and then sewn tension-free.

    Duration: approx. 1-2 hours
    Anesthesia: local anesthetic.


    • lower costs than a classic face lift
    • short operation time
    • no general anesthesia necessary
    • no overnight stay in the clinic necessary
    • wound drainage is not necessary
    • a head bandage is applied for one day
    • short healing phase
    • slight (invisible) scarring
    • sociable after a week


    • After the operation, drainage is placed so that wound secretions and blood can drain and no extreme swelling or bruising will form. The drainage will be removed after 24 hours.
    •  The sutures are self-dissolving, therefore they do not have to be removed.
    • Swelling and bruising are most pronounced in the first few days after the surgery
    • There may be a feeling of tension, which should disappear after 2 weeks
    • Depending on the surgical method, a pressure bandage must be worn for 2-3 days.
    • Minor bruises can remain for a few weeks.
    • You are socially acceptable after 2 weeks.
    • The final results will be visible after approximately 3 months.


    Due to the modern surgical methods and extensive knowledge in the field of rhytidectomy, there is a very low risk of complications nowadays. As with any other operation, these can never be completely ruled out. There is a possibility of infections, bleeding and bruising, but these can be treated without any problems.

    In the beginning of the healing process, there might be a sensation disorder and a feeling of tension along the seams which will wear off over time. In extremely rare and serious cases there may be circulatory disorders, numbness or in the worst case, damage to the facial nerves can occur. Complications, which very rarely occur should not be expected from professional surgeons.


    1. Who is suitable for facelifting?

    As a rule, the patients are between the ages of 40 and 60 years. The success of the treatment depends on the individual degree of skin elasticity. The more elastic the skin, the tighter and younger the face will look afterwards.

    2. Why do some celebrities look so unnatural?

    If either a patient wants a too strong result or the doctor is not experienced enough, an overcorrection can occur. The skin is tightened too much, which in turn can lead to an unnatural appearance. Facelifting is one of the most demanding disciplines of aesthetic surgery and therefore requires not only the basic knowledge but also extensive experience. Dr. Kufa is one of the most renowned Czech surgeons in this field. We guarantee that you will achieve a natural and satisfactory result.

    3. Can there be a rigid / mask-like facial expression?

    Face tightening has become a standard procedure in aesthetic surgery. Thanks to improved methods and extensive experience, rigid facial expressions and a mask-like appearance are extremely rare nowadays.

    4. How often can you lift your face?

    Another face lift can be carried out after an interval of 3 years. This only tightens the skin and then excess skin is reduced.

    5. How long does that last?

    Even if a significantly younger look is achieved with a facelift, the aging process cannot be stopped. Keep a healthy lifestyle.

    6. Does the health insurance company pay?

    Since it is a purely aesthetic operation, the health insurance does not cover any costs.

    7. When are you socially acceptable again?

    Depending on the type and extent of the intervention, it can take up to two weeks before you are socially acceptable / can go to work.

    With a mini-lift, this is possible after just one week.

    8. How long must the bandage be worn?

    The bandage must be worn for 2-3 days. With the mini-lift, it can be removed after just one day.

    9. When do I see the final result?

    After about 3 months you will see your final result.

    10. Do scars remain? If so, where?

    There can be minimal scars along the cut, but they are largely invisible.

    11. How long does the procedure take?

    Depending on the method and scope of the operation, the operation takes 1 to 5 hours.

    12. How long is the hospital stay?

    1 to 2 nights. With a mini-lift, no overnight stay is necessary.

    13. What type of anesthesia is being used?

    Most of the time, the operation is performed under analgosedation (combination of local anesthesia and intravenous sedative). Depending on the type of facelift local anesthesia might be sufficient. 


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